Year 2017
Architects: Ruslan Zakharov
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Interior Design: Ruslan Zakharov, Sandra Libert
Collaborators: Prime Design Kitchen, Porcelanosa
Area 123.00 m2
Photography & Video by Alex Ly

Located in the heart of l’Eixemple district in Barcelona, the building of this apartment was built in 1900 and presents iconic materials used in that era such as stone and white marble. The aim of this project was creating a bright environment using the natural light together with indirect illumination to create a sense of comfort inside the space. Trying to stick to the roots of the building’s nature by using the raw untreated stone as a key decorative element and white marble as the assisting one.

The living room and dining room are located in the same wing of the apartment, but divided by a decorative chimeny element that serves as a centerpiece sculpture and at the same time hides some technical spaces for the AC.

The kitchen becomes the first thing you see when enter the apartment; its bright, spacious, clean, with a single vertical element and a long white countertop that serves as a main navigation axis throught the whole apartment and thus, the only “corridor”. Lacking all type of natural lighting, it presents an ideal canvas for the artificial lighting that is used in a specific way to balance the missing windows.

The rooms preserve the bright colors and simplified shapes that bring a state of comfort and relax as opposed to the noisy and fast life of the metropolitan city.