Apartment in Barcelona

CITY: Barcelona, Spain
YEAR: 2017

Architects: Ruslan Zakharov
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Interior Design: Ruslan Zakharov, Sandra Libert
Collaborators: Prime Design Kitchen, Porcelanosa
Area 123.00 m2
Photography and Video by Alex Ly

Located in the heart of l’Eixemple district in Barcelona, the building of this apartment was built in 1900. The previous owners remodeled it the way so there was no visible the kitchen was located in the back part of the apartment lacking any natural light whatsoever.

The new owner, a 23 year old girl, wanted her place to be as bright as possible, something the previous distribution was not able to achieve. The kitchen becomes the first thing you see when enter the apartment;it’s bright, spacious, clean, with a single vertical element and a long countertop that serves as a main navigation axis.

The light in the kitchen is used in a way to balance the missing windows.

The living room and dining room are located in the same area but due to a central element that serves as a divider we are able to distinguish the two stays. This element serves as a decorative chimeny and at the same time becomes the central piece of the whole apartment.

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