Apartment in Mascarat

CITY: Mascarat, Spain
YEAR: 2017

Interior Design: Ruslan Zakharov, Sandra Libert
Collaborators: PorcelanosaCtrl+B
Area 355.00 m2
Photography by Alex Ly

The project consisted in partially renovating and furnishing an apartment located on the first line of the beach. With a total of 355 square meters this flat can be divided into 4 sections; the day area, the night area, the service area and the terrace.

The day area is composed of the bar, the dinning and the living room, the purpose of this space is to receive guests. Some specific walls are covered in dark wooden panels which create a visual barrier for spaces hidden from the guests, thus separating the private bedrooms and service areas from the rest of the apartment.

The bar is sharing the space with the dinning room but an invisible line is drawn to create a visual division between the two. The bright and the dark areas present a contrast but at the same time have visual ties to one another.

The night area is located in the East wing of the apartment and it’s composed of three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The original bedrooms were 13 to 15 square meters so the aim was to change the distribution with the minimum impact on the floor plan to make each bedroom slightly bigger.

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