Ellite Boutique Denia

CITY: Denia, Spain
YEAR: 2018


Architect: Ruslan Zakharov
Location: Denia, Spain
Interior Design: Ruslan Zakharov, Sandra Libert
Collaborators: Ctrl+B
Area 157.00 m2
Photography by Alex Ly

Ellite Boutique is a multi-brand store founded in 1998. Located in a new pedestrian friendly part of the city center, it focuses on bringing
high end designer clothing to the wealthy clients in the area. The project’s intention is to adress the quality of the exposed clothing as well as the
feeling of openness inside the shop.

The geometry of the main area is a perfect rectangle which is achieved by hiding all the secondary and private spaces behind a long wall that serves as a divider axis. Along this axis there is two doors and a long curtain, these hide spaces such as a
storage room, three changing rooms, one small kitchen and a bathroom for customers.

The lighting is designed in a way that rather being all over the place, its precisely concentrated in a single stripe that runs across the whole room. This stripe serves as the keeper for such things as speakers, movement detectors, emergency lights,

By doing this the ceiling is completely cleaned from unnecesary elements and gives a feel of simplicity to the space.

This project seeks to bring the attention of people and bring them into the new area of the city.

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