Loft in Cap Negret

CITY: Altea, Spain
YEAR: 2020

Architect: Ruslan Zakharov

Interior Design: Ruslan Zakharov, Anton Tebnev

Area: 124.00 m2

This two floor, 124 square meter apartment is located on the first line of the sea, only a few steps away from the water. The first thing you see when you enter is the living room with a double height ceiling, the space transforms into a home cinema when the blinds are down and a garage for one car when the sofa is moved to the side. The kitchen area is a gathering place for parties and celebrations, the central table can be adjusted by height and extended to serve as a bar table, or it can be lowered and used as a kitchen island. The curtain is used as a space divider to give intimacy to the room behind it.

When the curtain is opened, it can be stored inside of the cabinets and the previously mentioned table can be adjusted and folded to be used as a dinner table or a desk.

The room is now clear and spacious, but when the night comes, what used to be the dining area is transformed into a guest bedroom as a result of opening the Murphy bed hidden in the wall. The master bedroom is located on the first floor. The goal is to utilize the maximum space area while getting the most profit of the sea views. The main bathroom incorporates a small sauna for two. The sides that face the bathroom are made out of glass. The shower, as well as the sauna, has a glass wall the purpose of which is to bring natural light into the bathroom and enjoy the sea views while you’re in it.

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